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This course will provide managers with the necessary information to enable them to undertake and manage IT Security Audits Course will provide hands on experience on IT Security Audits using live case studies. 

 Duration: 3 Days 

 Eligibility: Minimum of 2 years of IT management experience

Information Security has become a vital part of the modern business environment. The central focus of this One-Day Road map to Information Security is to highlight the current issues surrounding Information Systems, and how to manage them. The program is designed to walk the delegates through the essentials of information security along with an overview of how to develop an ISMS.

Duration: One Day (online subscription ends in 7 Days)

Eligibility: Basic knowledge of Computers

This course trains prospective students in implementation of ISO 27001 standard. It covers all the domains of ISO 27001 and all controls connected with the domains. Course provides hands on experience in implementation of the standard.

 Duration: 30 Days (total time, also depends on progress)

 Eligibility: Minimum of 2 years of IT management experience

iSec offers online CISSP Exam Training to provide the individuals with a foundation for giving the certification exam. The training not only clears the concepts, but also prepares the individual thoroughly for the exam, by supplementing theory with real life examples.

 Duration: 30 Days 

 Eligibility: Minimum of 4+ years of IT management experience

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Online Information Security trainings

by iSec Services -

iSec is offering online training in Information Security through our online portal isectrain.com. Most courses are self learning courses and provide notes as well as power point presentations. Courses are activity based and students have to clear stages to reach the final session, This helps in self evaluation and reinforces learning process. 

While training is online our instructors are available on chat and also on call/video on demand. 

For enrollment please drop an email on contactus@isec.co.in or call us on +91-8655500132